Michelle Muldrow is a nationally recognized painter and singer /songwriter.

Her painting is a conceptual exploration of the American landscape. Her work explores the relationships between landscape, consumerism, historical aesthetic philosophy and personal narrative. She applies philosophical ideas to American landscape painting, using historical precedents and imbuing the contemporary experience to reach an understanding of America.

She is also a solo artist/singer-songwriter and collaborator, vocalist, lyricist. She is a member of Portlandā€™s Paper Cameras, guest vocalist for Justin Stark and currently working on her own solo album. Past projects are the San Francisco Americana band Bloodroses, with a release of 2 albums, Demonstrations from the House of Faith and From St. Paul To San Francisco , Eyesore, the 90ā€™s post punk band that featured Michael Steele from The Bangles on bass, and Moth Macabre on Interscope Records.

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